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Construction, Arts & Crafts

The construction and performance of objects is the oldest branch of the engineering that has its origins in the Stone Age of the civilization.

The performance and construction is defined, by certain institutions, as a profession wher ...

Arts & Crafts

Going forward with big steps in the construction, Torus Engineering does not forget the beauty of the details and it does not deprive itself of the refined interior finishing.

Starting from their personal office space that is very mo ...


Besides the fact that Torus Engineering constructs objects for investors, the company itself appears as an investor in two objects.

One of these objects was built in 2011 and is seated at Vodnjanska Str., and the other one’s co ...

Construction Worker

Torus Engineering is a company that maximally puts its efforts in the field work, as well as in the people that perform the work. They make the driving force of the company and therefore, the company pays attention to the selection of employees ...


Studio Torus, owned by Aleksandar Mitevski, was established in 2001 and has been functioning a ...

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At Torus Engineering we’re looking for people with vision, people who are not scared to ...

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Quality and environmental policy statement